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Alicia Villiotti is a 2006 graduate of Gordon College with a Bachelor’s degree in Movement Science.  She worked in various jobs in that field from 2006 until 2010 when she stepped away from her career to be a stay at home mom.

In 2016 her husband, David, started Villiotti & Associates,  Alicia became his help and sounding board and as a result learned a lot about starting a business.  The process and the lifestyle of entrepreneurship quickly became one of her passions.

As her knowledge, experience, and passion grew other people started coming to her to discuss their own entrepreneurial dreams.  After several of these conversations Alicia started to notice a pattern in them.  People would say to her, “I would love to someday…” as they explained their big business idea.  They would follow that with, “I just need…” and from there they would explain a big obstacle (typically financial) that they needed to overcome before they could move forward.  Alicia found herself giving them all the same advice, “Start now!” She would go on to explain that they could start the planning and organizing now so that when they were ready they could hit the ground running.

Alicia found herself wishing that she could sit down with each one of them and help them through that process.  It was that wish that lead her to the idea of writing “30 Days of Action: A Practical Guide to Starting Your Business” and launching Alicia Villiotti Consulting.


  • One on one consulting via email for time management and business needs: packages start at $200 per month. Contact for more information.
  • Step by step guidance through the process of starting your business in her book “30 Days of Action: A Practical Guide to Starting Your Business”

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